How To Hydrate Skin, Naturally!

The dry skin adds to an irritating itching sensation. Dehydrated skin not only feels rough, but it also affects your facial complexion which results to your make-up looking spotty. The truth is, as we grow, our skins turn out to be thinner, so our oil glands become a little bit more delicate. A lot of people depend on several products that promote false advertisement just to make their dry skin, hydrated. People go to a certain extent of even consulting a doctor. But! The great news is that you do not need to consult a dermatologist just to get a prescription to remedy your skin, what’s best is that they’re not expensive at all, in fact, some of these may just be in your kitchen.

lemon water• My first and foremost recommendation to successfully hydrate your skin is none other than Water!

A lot of people forget the value of what water gives us, while yes, people drink water every day, but most people don’t drink enough of it. It’s not like we can blame some people, though, with our busy everyday lives, we tend to neglect our need for water. Doctors say that we should drink at least eight glasses of water every day, which means at least 1.9 litres of water. If you are not keen to drinking eight glasses of water, you can substitute it to a fresh orange juice or water infused with lemons.

• Olive oil as a moisturizer

Considered as one of the best oils in the world, some people think that olive oil is just for cooking, but these people are not aware what other wonders this oil can do. Olive oil is great for skin, especially to hydrated ones. But what best about using olive oil is that it doesn’t just moisturize the skin, it also provides several anti-oxidants such as polyphenols and vitamin E!

• Start eating hydrating foods

If you’re really serious about getting your face hydrated, then you might as well begin it inside. One best way to start this is, (you might not like this) getting rid of junk foods. By junk food, I mean the processed food you eat in fast food restaurants or edibles you shop at the grocery stores. Instead of the bad stuff, fill yourself with vegetables and fruits that provide vitamins and fibres. Consuming foods that are high in Omega-3 fatty acids are also recommended; these oils are usually found in tunas. You can start by replacing your one unhealthy meal, with a healthy meal day by day. You know baby steps.

hydrate (3)• The gift of the bees: Honey!

A lot of people think that honey is just intended as a natural sweetener for our food, but most of them aren’t aware that it’s a good substitute moisturize and hydrate our skin! Of course, what better way to treat your skin than natural raw honey? If you’re not aware, honey contains a natural humectant, enzymes and antioxidants which give a result to a better, hydrated skin. It can also be used as an exfoliator to cleanse the skin, naturally. All you need is honey and baking soda. Just mix two spoons of Honey and one spoon of Baking soda in one container, then mix it together and finally apply it to your face.

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Hijab and Why We Wear It

Muslim ChildThe first history of Hijab dated back to an Assyrian writing in 13 BC. Hijab was meant to wear by the elite and selected people. Lower classes women like prostitutes were banned from wearing Hijab. It was until the supremacy of the Safavids that the Hijab is extended to various countries like North Africa and the Middle East.
Since the nineteenth-century hijab was frequently worn by many Muslim women around the world, especially in the west. Now, the purpose of Hijab is to cover and ensuring that the moral borders between men and women are valued. It is a scarf that is square shaped that perfectly covers the entire neck and head with a space intended for the whole face.

There are several types of scarves used by Muslim women to wear a head gear.

Shayla is also pretty popular among women, but unlike Hijab, Shayla is a much longer scarf that is rectangular.

Khimar is also another scarf, just like Shayla, it is long but in a cape like form.

Chador is pretty similar to Kimar, but it is longer that it hangs down to the person’s feet.

Niqab is unlike the scarves and clothes above because it covers the entire face and body except the eyes.

Burqa is just like Niqab but this time, the space for the eyes is covered with a screen like fabric.

Muslim women decide to wear hijab for several reasons. Some for religious reasons while some for personal preferences. For religious motives, it is because Quran has writings that God commanded women to wear it as a means for modesty. For personal reasons on the other half, some women do it out of principles or own intentions. Despite these reasons, not all Muslim women wear Hijab for religious reasons; some wear it to announce their identity as a Muslim person. By wearing their identity, Muslim women show the world how honored they are part of this culture.

Muslim Scarves 2
The wearing of hijab sparked several controversies around the world, not just in the world of Muslims. Several people, including some Muslim women, sees hijab as oppression to women, that women are perceived as things, unlike men who can wear freely. But that argument is simply mistaken and incorrect. Most Muslim women think of Hijab as a tool for liberation. It means that the scarf liberates women from being thought of as subjects for desire or sexual matters. Hijab makes Muslim women free from a world of consumerism that a certain woman has to look like what they show on television just to look great.

In several families and culture of Islam, wearing hijab is taught to little girls at the earliest stage of 12. It is not true that some families force it to these girls because the Quran clearly states that there should not be any force of compulsion when it comes to Islam. This means that Muslim women are free not to wear hijab even though the Quran intends it. Hijab has been a representation of inner strength, courage and devotion. When a Muslim woman wears a Hijab, she is showing the world what her culture is, she represents Islam.

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Why Using An Epilator Works Better Than Shaving

smooth legsThere are many ways to remove unwanted hair. Each method has its advantages and its disadvantages. Some women are big fans of shaving while other women swear by waxing, electrolysis or epilating. Here are some reasons why using epilators works better for hair removal than shaving does.

Many women go ahead and shave their legs every day. They do it automatically without even thinking that shaving has any consequences. After all, it is easy to do, and it does not cost very much to buy shaving razors since many of them are available in the disposable format.

Yet, the reality is that when a person shaves, the hair is only removed at the tip. It grows back in faster, and it grows back in thicker. For women who only shave a few times a week, it is usually because they have no choice. The hair starts growing back as ugly stubble in just two days.

Women and young girls who decide to use an epilator have to spend more time using it, but the results are usually well worthwhile. Unlike women and girls who shave, these women will not see their body hair regrow very soon. They can enjoy hair-free weeks after using an epilator, so it makes epilation a much better option than shaving right there.

With epilation, the hair gets pulled up from the root (Take a look at the Diva Toolkit website for more details) , thereby growing in weaker and weaker each time. It turns out that after repeated sessions, some hair does not even grow back. That is one of the biggest advantages of using an epilator. It is true that the pain from using an epilator is more intense, but it does fade. There is not a big difference in this regard between epilating and shaving.

An epilator may seem to be a lot more uncomfortable to use than a razor, but it is actually a really convenient method of hair removal. Shaving requires the razor, soap or shaving cream, and water. The epilator is all you need when using this method. After shaving, you also have to use a moisturizer or a skin balm in order to avoid irritation. If you nick yourself in the process of shaving, you might also need a disinfectant and a bandage.

lotionWith the epilator, you do not have to do anything to prepare for a hair removal session. You can moisturize afterward, but it is not absolutely necessary. You will get some red bumps, but they will fade within 24 hours after epilation whether you use a moisturizer or not.

The red bumps from an epilator are harmless. You could get bumpy skin following a shave anyway, but unlike shaving you will never cut your skin as you might with a razor.

You might pinch the skin if you are not careful. This hurts, but just remember that this can be easily avoided if you pay careful attention while using the device. If you do something else like watch television while epilating you are almost certain to pinch or harm yourself. Be careful to pay attention to the process.

You need to keep a careful watch of your skin to manipulate the machine properly so that it gets the hair from every place it does not belong.

Finally, an epilator will cost more money than a set of razors. However, the initial investment may be costlier but it is going to last for several years, unlike the razors. Also, it can be used over and over to help you enjoy long-lasting, hair-free skin. This is one of the biggest reasons that epilators are much better than razors are.

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Dress like a Modest Muslim Girl

When we talk about Muslim fashion, we need to understand that there is no such thing as a united fashion for all the Muslims worldwide. For example, most European Muslims are very secular, and they dress western clothing, as are some of the Muslim in some Middle Eastern countries, such as Syria, Jordan, Turkey, etc. However, there are religious Muslims who wear traditional clothing, but nowadays, some Muslim girls, even though they are religious, wish to look nice. And why shouldn’t the? So, for all those girls, we give you some tips in how to dress modestly.

Hijab-Styles-for-Muslim-Women-and-GirlsFirst of all, if you are a traditional Muslim girl, you are most likely going to wear a hijab. This part of clothes is worn to honor the Allah’s commandment which states that the girls shouldn’t show any part of their body except for their face and hands. This should not be tight, and needs to be very loose; that means that in no way should the shape of your body be revealed. Also, it cannot be see-through, nor should it be too catchy.

Then, if you wish to dress like a modest Muslim girl you shouldn’t wear any hijabs or any other part of your clothing that comes in any fancy color, that has any pattern, sequin or tassel.

This means that the design of your hijab needs to be simple and… well, modest. Also, your hijab should have a maximal coverage of your body, as we have mentioned earlier. Most Muslim girls wear black, white, brown or dark blue hijabs.

superthumbAnother thing you need to know, as a traditional modest Muslim girl, is that you shouldn’t wear any makeup if you are in a presence of men who aren’t your husband. That means that you are not to leave your house while wearing makeup. However, this does not mean that you should avoid makeup at all cost; some makeup is perfectly okay, as long as it does not ruin your image of a modest girl. That means that you can put some makeup on, but don’t overdo it.

And finally, you need to understand what hijab really is – it is not just a scarf. It is a sign of modesty, and don’t wear it together with skinny jeans and tight shirts, because then, you’re missing the point. When it comes to traditional Muslim girl, it is not about looking pretty to other people, it’s all about looking beautiful for your husband, the man you are starting a family with.

So, as we have seen, there are some rules when it comes to fashion in the traditional Muslim world. But, that doesn’t mean that these people live in a Stone Age; it just means that they have different values than we do, and that do not only appreciate physical beauty. In fact, seeing how things seem to unfolding in the Western world, we could learn a thing or two from these people, at least when the topic is modesty.

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Deciding on Wearing a Hijab

In this world that has become consumed by globalization, people have started to get connected as never before. You can easily see what’s going on around the world, and you can make friends with people who live on different continents. However, this globalization has its bad sides too, since the mixing of so many cultures has led to some people believing that some cultures are going to get defeated and to back away before the mightier Western cultures and Western traditions. That is why some peop,e have started going back to their roots and their traditions; to fight this trend of globalization.

muslim-kidDuring the 20th century, many Muslims have become extremely liberal, and many Muslim countries have turned to Western values. However, nowadays, it seems as if the traditional values are making a comeback, and many Muslim girls wish to be just like their grandmothers, and wear a hijab. But, some of them are still wondering if they should do that. The decision has to be up to them, but we can give you some pointers that could make you decide. So, let’s see them.

First of all, you will need to understand what a hijab really is. It is not just a fashionable piece of cloth; it has a far deeper meaning. This piece of clothing is worn in order to satisfy the God’s wish for women not to show the unnecessary parts of their bodies to men who are not their husbands. That means that women should only show their face and hands to them, and that is precisely why they wear a hijab. However, while they’re at home, there is no need to wear it, and you can show whatever parts of the body you wish.

black-color-simple-hijab-wearNow that you know what a hijab really is, you need to figure out if it is the society that is telling you to wear it, or if it is your own desire to do so. If it’s the society that is telling you, you can do it out of respect for others, but if you don’t really feel that comfortable in it, you don’t have to wear it. However, if it is your desire to wear it, and you fully understand what it means to wear the hijab, than go ahead and start wearing it. Keep in mind that, if you do not live in a predominantly Muslim country, people may look at you funny, because they are just not familiar with that piece of clothing. But, you should do whatever you want, without worrying what others may think of you.

So, now we know what hijab really is, and what the reasons for wearing it are. We have also seen what it is that makes people go back to their roots, and back to their cultures. However, after everything that we’ve seen and read here, it is still up to you. Only you can make a decision if you should wear a hijab; because if that is imposed onto you, then there really isn’t any point in wearing it, is there?

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Applying makeup the right way

Nowadays, most girls start wearing makeup while they’re still in elementary school, and learn thing by watching various videos online. Children no longer learn from their parents, and in the past, mothers would teach their daughters how to properly apply makeup. This is all different today, and many girls are in need of a help, because there is a great chance that they’re doing something wrong with their makeup. So, without any further ado, we will give you some pointers to help you apply your makeup the right way, which will, in turn, make you look more beautiful.

powder-liquid-makeup-1First of all, if you are going to powder yourself, make sure you first make a plan for it. Powder is great because it lessens the shine and it diffuses the light, but because of that, many girls have started overusing it. Is should also be noted that too much powder could ruin your skin, which is something you should never do. Just apply it with a larger brush, but do it with a smaller amount of powder.

Then, some women are having problems with the brushes in the sense that they are not holding them the right way. Most women hold the brush somewhere in the middle to gain more control over it. But, in fact, the brush ought to be help by the end. Sure, you may lose some control over it, but you’ll start applying your makeup more softly, and the outcome of that will be a finish that looks extremely natural.

hqdefaultAlso, some women are having trouble with the brushes in the sense that they just don’t clean them out properly. They use a lot of creamy products, and those get stuck to the brushes, and no amount of water will get it out. That is why you need to add some drops of waterproof eye makeup to a dish, and then swirl the brush in that liquid. Swirl it for some time, and then, when you see that the brush is completely clean, run the water and rinse it.

As we have said earlier, some women thing that more is better, but that is hardly the case. And when it comes to concealer, some women seem to use it by the ton. This should always be avoided, and only the places on your skin that need to be concealed should be tapped with this product, and only then should a thin finish be added. This is the right way to apply the concealer, and there is absolutely no need to apply an inch of concealer over your entire face.

So, as we have seen, there are some things that women tend to do wrong when it comes to makeup, and the results of that are visible to anyone. But now, thanks to these advices, women can look more beautiful and feel better about themselves, because they can now clear those mistakes, and start applying the makeup the right way. And really, it is no hassle; in fact this way of applying makeup will save time and evergy.

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What beauty product every woman needs to have

Women today may think that they need every single beauty product that is being advertised on TV. And no wonder they think so, because they are being bombarded by those advertisements all over the place. But, if a woman wishes to look nice, there is no need for nay unwanted products, and every woman should only have some products, and we will list those products here for you, in order to make your life easier and to help you cut down on your spending and to cut down on the beauty products.

Eye_Make_upEyes are one of the first things that every men notices in a woman, and that is the plain truth And this is precisely why they ought to look perfect all the time. We know that the eyes are the very first ones that show the first signs of aging and wrinkles, but the positive thing here is that this product can help you conceal that, and get your eyes to look extremely young and beautiful. You can use eye cream to flat out the fine lines, to diminish all the puffiness, and to make your eyes look young again!

Blush is the ideal cover and an immediate fixer, and whatever the kind of blush you have, you ought to know that it is a product that makes your face look alive. It also gives it some flush, and by using it, your face will pop out full of color on the cheeks.

A good number of people believe that this type of a crème is a genuine miracle, and that it is able to achieve almost everything you place before it. It became extremely trendy because it is just a foundation, but can also act as a moisturizer, a toner, and a primer as well. And one of the best things about it is the fact that it can conceal even the worst blemishes. And that is not the end, because it can also treat the blemishes!

ten_129We know that all faces have their own imperfections, and don’t let anyone tell you differently. But do not worry, for the reason that concealer can help you with that! This product takes care of many imperfections, such as the pimples, the blemishes, the redness, the dark circles, etc. But, it is not limited to them alone, and whatever you’re having problem with, the concealer will make it better.

And the last thing that every woman out there should have is a mascara. Ideal long eyelashes are a thing that helps every single woman look more beautiful, and it is also great because it makes the men angry with desire. And precisely for those reasons, all the women out there ought to have a mascara in her home and in her purse. It will assist her in getting longer lashes, as well as getting the looks of most of the guys.

We hope you’ll listen to our advices, and stick to the basics. And remember, more is not always better, which was exactly the think that was demonstrated here.

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